General Requirements for Aethyrian Ascension Online Training

Online training is available through this network on a limited basis for beginning levels of Aethyrian Ascension, Illuminatory Seership and Operative (Practical Laboratory) Alchemy.

The spiritual esoteric (meaning ‘hidden’ or ‘occult’) training offered here is profound and deeply transfigurative. It is neither for those with strict or rigid ‘fundamentalist’ beliefs, nor for the armchair mystic; it is for those Seekers who are actually willing to do real work to attain Transcendence and Illumination through the Western Mysteries.

Live group trainings or private consultations are done through Zoom video sessions. While not required to enroll in any training course on Transcendence Works network sites, students wanting to fully participate in a course that offers regular training sessions will need a basic webcam, microphone, and a decent internet connection. Smart phones and more modern devices generally have webcams and microphones built in, but those using desktops may need to acquire them.

Zoom accounts are not required as they are simply online meetings that are signed on to during the scheduled times.

There are 2 main restrictions for training in the Mysteries through Transcendence Works:

  • Acceptance of Divinity: This does not need to be a specific belief, but at least having open-mindedness until one has direct experience is required. Initiatory spiritual work is only possible because of intelligent design and an inherent spiritual evolutionary force that propels the expansion of consciousness. Atheism, therefore, is a counter-productive mindset and inappropriate to approach the Mysteries. In short, if you consider yourself firmly ‘atheist’ you are in the wrong place.
  • Being of Sound Mind and Reasonable Health: Those of sound mind and reasonable health are able to approach the Mysteries safely when going through initiatory training. It is part of the alignment process that those interacting with evolutionary forces go through periods of ‘imbalance’ until the forces are integrated successfully. The process is not recommended for those who are not of sound mind, as they may not be able to handle and integrate things even under instruction from a qualified teacher. Likewise, although it is minimal for a personal of reasonable health, any evolutionary force puts some strain on the physical body. So, individuals who are not of reasonable physical health should not engage directly with serious spiritual forces.

If you have read this page thoroughly and wish to continue (and you have fulfilled the respective prerequisites), but have a question or concern that is not specifically addressed, then please use contact form in the main navigation to address that before enrolling in a specific type of online training.

You should feel a strong pull within yourself and know this is a proper course of action for your spiritual development at this time.

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Note: The Ascension and Seership levels of training offered here are prerequisites for admission into Initiatory Theurgy training that is made available to qualified members of Ordo Aethyrium.

Additionally, the Practical Alchemy training for the Ens process of obtaining quintessences from the plant kingdom is a prerequisite for learning advanced modules of practical alchemy work through the Order, for those so inclined.