Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian Magic by Bob Brier

Transcendence Works! Axiomata (Excerpts), Deep Magic, Mythology & Religion

Ancient Egyptian Magic was the first authoritative modern work on the magic of ancient Egypt, delving into the occult practices and spiritual beliefs across thirty centuries of dynastic rule during the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. Though it was written in 1980, and much has been learned since that time, this authoritative work will appeal to anyone interested in Egyptology, …

The UnderWorld Initiation

The UnderWorld Initiation by R. J. Stewart

Transcendence Works! Axiomata (Excerpts), Deep Magic

As the first post in the new ‘Axiomata’ category, I’ve chosen The UnderWorld Initiation by R. J. Stewart. Though it draws extensively from Celtic material, its value can be extracted by Seekers of any tradition as it exceeds its source material on many levels. I have quoted content that applies universally regarding initiatory magic within a deeper context of truly …